Juicy Lucy: Deliciously melted cheese hidden within a beef patty

The Juicy Lucy burger is a modern twist on the traditional cheeseburger, featuring a deliciously melted cheese hidden within the beef patty. It has become a popular favorite in Minneapolis. While the cheese-stuffed burger is delicious, it requires careful eating to avoid burning your mouth with the hot molten American cheese nestled between the beef patties.

Two Minneapolis burger eateries claim to have invented it. Matt’s Bar & Grill first introduced it to their menu in 1954, after a local customer requested a hamburger with two patties and a slice of cheese in between.

Matt Bristol shared the story of how the famous “Juicy Lucy” was invented. A regular customer requested a burger with two patties and cheese in the middle. After taking a bite, the customer declared it to be a “Juicy Lucy,” and the rest is history.

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