Malasadas: Portuguese Classic Pastry Gets A New Hawaiian Upgrade

Malasadas are a delectable indulgence with a rich heritage in Portuguese cuisine. They consist of a savory blend of eggs, flour, sugar, and milk, and are celebrated for their mouth-watering taste and ease of preparation. These yeast-based pastries can be relished either with a lavish coating of cinnamon or a light sprinkle of granulated sugar. In their classic rendition, Portuguese malasadas are unadorned and devoid of any fillings or toppings, epitomizing a timeless and simplistic allure.

The playful name “malasadas” is worth noting as it actually means “poorly cooked.” However, this refers to the crispy sugar exterior which perfectly complements the indulgent and tender interior. It’s remarkable how a seemingly simple pastry can evoke such deep affection in those who savor its sweetness.

Malasadas have undoubtedly earned a significant place in Hawaiian culture. Currently, they are associated with Fat Tuesday, a day of indulgence prior to the Lenten season’s austerity. This newfound connection has further increased their worth, making malasadas a beloved tradition in the Hawaiian culinary scene.

The captivating story of culinary migration that is the history of malasadas in Hawaii began during the 19th century when Portuguese laborers, predominantly from the Azores, migrated to Hawaii to work on plantations. Along with them, they brought a taste of their home country: the beloved malasadas. These savory pastries were worth more than just indulgent consumption. In fact, they were originally created ingeniously as a means to utilize excess sugar and lard in households before the onset of Lent, highlighting the resourcefulness of the Portuguese immigrants.

Malasadas have undergone a delicious transformation in Hawaii. Hawaiian bakers have ingeniously introduced fillings, such as chocolate, guava, or haupia (coconut pudding), elevating malasadas to a whole new level. These indulgent flavors infuse perfectly with the sweet exterior and soft, decadent crumb, creating a sensory experience worth indulging in.

Where to get Hawaiian-style malasadas in Montreal: The Farsides, located in Old Montreal, south of the Financial District, offers a distinctive and ingenious dining and nightlife experience worth indulging in. The restaurant serves a savory blend of Thai and Hawaiian cuisine affectionately known as “Thaiwaiian.” This ingenious fusion of the savory flavors of the Far East and the Western Beaches of Hawaii creates a delightful indulgent dining adventure. It combines traditional Thai and Hawaiian dishes with new and exciting flavors, resulting in a perfectly harmonious culinary experience.

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