Pâté chinois: From railway origins to restaurants

When it comes to comfort food in Québec, the well-known Irish Shepherd’s Pie undergoes a delightful transformation and adopts a new identity: Pâté Chinois. However, despite its new name and seemingly modest ingredients, this dish remains a remarkably delicious and straightforward casserole that exudes comfort.

This culinary delight features a delightful layering of ingredients: a savory foundation of seasoned ground beef, a middle layer of either whole or creamed corn, and a final topping of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes. This classic comfort food has found its place in numerous cafeterias throughout Québec, where it is commonly enjoyed.

Traditionally, pâté chinois is served alongside a side of tangy tomato ketchup, complementing the rich flavors of the dish. Its name, meaning “Chinese pie” in French, carries an interesting historical origin. It is believed that Chinese cooks, working on the construction of the Canadian railway in the 19th century, adapted the renowned shepherd’s pie to create this unique variation.

Pâté Chinois is a prime example of how a dish can transcend its origins and become a cherished part of a different culinary tradition. Although it is inspired by Irish Shepherd’s Pie, its Québecois adaptation showcases the ingenuity and adaptability of cuisine, reflecting the multicultural influences that have shaped the region’s gastronomy.

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