Pizzaghetti: Where does spaghetti pizza come from?

Pizzaghetti is Québec’s most shameful food

Pizzaghetti is a food specialty from Québec and is a delightful fusion of pizza and spaghetti, hence its unique name. Typically, the pizza is divided in half and served alongside spaghetti in a flavorful tomato sauce. Additionally, there is an intriguing variation of this already extraordinary dish, where the spaghetti is concealed beneath melted cheese on top of a pizza. A common variation is the pizza-caesar, where the spaghetti is replaced with Caesar salad.

According to Google Trends, “pizzaghetti” first gained an online presence in 2004. However, it is worth noting that this unique culinary creation has been featured on restaurant menus for a much more extended period. One such establishment is the Greenspot, a 75-year-old greasy spoon located in St-Henri (Montreal). This iconic eatery proudly asserts that pizzaghetti has been a cherished item on its menu since its inception. In fact, a testament to its enduring popularity is evident in the vintage signage displayed behind the cash register, where pizzaghetti proudly occupies a prominent position among the top items served by Greenspot.

With its rich history, pizzaghetti has become synonymous with the Greenspot’s legacy, embodying a culinary tradition that has stood the test of time. Despite its online appearance in 2004, pizzaghetti’s presence on the Greenspot’s menu predates the digital era, capturing the hearts and appetites of patrons for decades. This delectable dish intertwines the best of two beloved classics: pizza and spaghetti, creating a unique fusion of flavors that has garnered a dedicated following over the years

As the Greenspot and its pizzaghetti continue to attract customers, their shared history symbolizes the enduring appeal of nostalgic comfort food. Whether it is the irresistible combination of pizza and spaghetti or the nostalgic charm of a beloved local diner, pizzaghetti remains an enduring culinary delight that has captured the taste buds of generations past and present.

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